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Sangay National Park

Declared a national park by the Ecuadorian government and (along with the Galapagos Islands) a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983, the 517,725 hectare Sangay National Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Ecuador and in the world. Sangay, much the same as its neighbor, Llanganates National Park, is a place of amazing biodiversity and shelters an incredibly high number of endemic species, especially plant species. This spectacular diversity is a direct result of the Park's geographical and climatic extremes. With towering peaks rising up to 5,230 meters above sea level and valleys dipping down into the Amazon Basin as low as 600 meters above sea level, Sangay has microclimate ranging from sub arctic to tropical with average temperatures varying from below freezing to 24 degrees Celsius.

The Park is home to eight distinct vegetation zones, ranging from sub artic to tropical lowland forest, with the transition areas between these distinct zones providing habitats for the area's most interesting plant species. Notable fauna includes: tapirs, bears, ocelots, jaguars, otters, humming birds, condors, and deer, many of which are rare and endangered species.

Moreover, there is no better place from which to access this amazing ecological wealth than from Luna Runtun, Adventure SPA. As Tungurahua's sporadic activity has made access to many parts of the park difficult if not impossible, Luna Runtun, Adventure SPA remains safetly tucked under Tungurahua eastern flank - one of the most accessible, safest, and rewarding areas for exploration and adventure. From Luna Runtun, Adventure SPA, you'll have access to the Park's wild and beautiful interior, which is home to towering volcanoes such as Los Altares (inactive, 5,319 meters), Sangay (active, 5,230 meters), and Tungurahua (active, 5,016 meters), the Park's youngest volcano.

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