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Baños - Ecuador

Introducing: Why Baños?

Information: dialing code - telephone prefix, coordinates, population, postal code, altitude - elevation, land distances, weather, language, major local festival, complete name.

Transport: getting around in Baños, getting there and away, buses schedule, arrival and departure hours from the bus stations, transportation companies contacts, how to get from Baños to Montañita, how to get from Cuenca to Baños.

Hotels: 7 Recommended Hotels and Hostels in Baños.

Sights: Attractions in Baños, church mass hours. Museum of the church hours.

Restaurants: 29 Recommended Restaurants and Cafeterias in Baños.

Tour Operators: 11 hikes, rafting, canyoning, paragliding, swing jumping, rock climbing, mountain climbing, puenting, bridging, birdwatching. Private transportation from and to any city in Ecuador.

Spanish Schools in Baños: Learn Spanish in Baños.

The Tree House: ¿How to get by car, taxi, quad, jeep or walking? prices, recommendations, elevation.

Baños - Runtun Route: Baños - Runtun Route is well known for the Swing at the End of the World in The Tree House, whose photo taken by photographer Sean Hacker Teper, won an award from the American magazine National Geographic in 2014. We have compiled information comprising 13 attractions of Adventure, Accommodation, Food and Spa.

Thermal baths

Tungurahua Volcano

Sangay National Park

Llanganates National Park

Pastaza Corridor

Birdwatching and orchids

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