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History of Luna Runtun, Adventure SPA

Luna Runtun, Adventure SPA received its name because of its strategic location overlooking the valley below.

It offers a vantagepoint similar to that of Macchu Picchu in Peru. In Quichua, "Runtun" means "Fortress".

In the early 1500s, the Inca Emperor Huayna Capac frequented the lagoon of Santa Rosa de Runtun, which has since dried up. There, he organized parties and voluptuous orgies with his most beautiful and desired women. He came to the area because of the breathtaking natural surroundings and the thermal waters and their therapeutic properties. The Incas referred to the thermal waters to as "the urine of Tungurahua".

In 1596, the Virgin of Agua Santa appeared in Baños. Her appearance is considered a miracle and thousands of faithful visit this spiritual place every year. Many indigenous save their money all year to buy a gift for the Virgin, whether it is a lavish dress or a jewel, as thanks for the miracles she brings. Priests change the statue's cloths and jewelry every day. The population considers the Virgin the protector of Baños de Agua Santa. The Basilica, located in the central plaza, is an ornate gothic structure made from volcanic rock.

In 1914, Baños was divided into nine haciendas: Valencia, Vizcaya, Puntzan, Ulba, Agoyán, San Vincente, Illuchi, Juive and Runtun, which was then owned by Don Angel Luna, the grandfather of the current owner, Carmen Luna de Currat.

In 1992, we decided to build Luna Runtun, Adventure SPA. It took 50 workers 15 months to build this magical place. The road leading up to Luna Runtun's entrance is made of stones taken from nearby rivers. All 18 structures on the grounds of the hacienda were made from natural materials, such as brick, eucalyptus wood, and handmade tile and wrought stone. Great pains have been taken to maintain the harmony of the natural surroundings. The grounds are covered with avocado, lemon, and taxo trees and blossoming gardens filled with fragrant herbes (cedron, hierba luisa, manzanilla), organic vegetables (corn, garlic, granadilla, beans, etc.), and splendid aromatic flowers.

On April 17th, 1994, Olivier C. Currat, a Swiss hotelier and Carmen Luna de Currat inaugurated Luna Runtun, Adventure SPA.

In 2010, the hotel began renovation of all rooms and suites.

In 2015, the hotel completed its renovation. It has 29 themed rooms and Romantic Suites.

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